Anyone else think the writing for the War on Terror is really bad this season? IDK if you ask me it all seems a bit cliché, and there’s so much drama:

  • "Oh no, the bad guys just happen to come into possession of US weapons by accident"
  • "Oh no, the terrorists have taken over an Iraqi military base securing all the armored tanks and artillery"
  • Oh no, we think they may have even stolen a US fighter jet, but we don’t know”
  • "Oh no, another beheading :( "

Do you guys think they’ll reveal the people pulling the strings this year? I don’t want to have to wait until next season to find out who the real bad guy is.


luchasuzuki asked:

you are a social construct. not even real. invented by a turtle flying in space. you are lemwon's dream.


Every middle of every fucking semester I think I’m doing terribly because I feel like I’ve been slacking off.

B-, B, A-, A-.

>tfw your gf is a social construct









>destroy capitalism

>make everyone poor

>poverty ended because everyone is poor


More like, poverty ended because poverty only exists because capital exists. Money is a social construct and should be abolished.

Capital will always exist….

Lol. Yes, communism seeks the abolition of class. Any other “stupid ass” capitalist (I saw your tag) comments you wanna make?

Class is a social construct and it doesn’t real.

Something being socially constructed doesn’t render it non-real.

Nothing is real except the plow and your field, social constructs be damned.

Communism is a social construct and isn’t real.

priceofliberty replied to your post: Breitbart is championing GamerGate Wha…

its too bad he had that “heart problem”



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I just got called a shitlord by an sjw, did I do good?



Just a man looking for his jet pack

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Breitbart is championing GamerGate

What a time to be alive.