I was jobless, spending my time getting punched in the head in a boxing gym at 25. You can turn it around.

I try, everyday.

Gotta come up with something sometime.

I’ve drifted far off of the course I set for myself years ago.

For better or worse, I have no idea where I’m going anymore.

“There aren’t genuine politics, there’s the media telling you that Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney is the ultimate clash of ideology when we both know they’re globalist neo-liberals.”
— Cody R. Wilson (via sportdad420)

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When I die in how many ever years, make sure Black Sabbath is playing when they lower me into the ground.


Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Album: Heaven and Hell (1980)

“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”
— Ron Paul, End The Fed


White House accidentally leaks post-9/11 CIA torture report findings

When the CIA first began using its controversial interrogation and detention methods after the September 11th attacks, it reportedly declined to tell the Secretary of State and other American ambassadors about its actions.

The revelation comes from the Senate’s still-unreleased report scrutinizing the United States’ post-9/11 interrogation techniques, and first came to the public’s attention Wednesday when the White House unintentionally emailed a document detailing the findings to an Associated Press reporter.

The report – parts of which could be declassified by the White House in the coming days – also apparently found that some of the ambassadors who were briefed on the CIA’s activity were told not to notify their superiors in the State Department. One congressional official confirmed to the AP that these findings are documented in the Senate’s report, while a former CIA official said then-Secretary of State Colin Powell may not have known about the agency’s techniques when they first started using them.

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