Bundy ranch militia (2014)

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Cargo shorts are the only shorts whose seams support the weight and mass of my enormous penis.


Also my feelings on the matter- that and I don’t think chubbies are long enough to deal with a raging boner, should I need to tuck it into a pant-leg.


Urban Warfare

Sunni gunmen fire their rifles during clashes, in the northern port city of Tripoli, Lebanon, Sunday May 13, 2012. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Large man, why do you not unfold stock of shotgun and shoulder your weapon?

Large man: I am the weapon.

I don’t remember running around Lebanon in a white tank top.



I really don’t understand how the hate/love of cargo shorts became such a hot topic, but it’s a really stupid argument that more often than not wreaks of classism.

when did this become something that people got strong opinions about?

I remember that post going around like 2 years ago, but everytime the topic comes up, there’s always a multi-threaded argument about it.

I really don’t understand how the hate/love of cargo shorts became such a hot topic, but it’s a really stupid argument that more often than not wreaks of classism.











america thanks you

why doesn’t every man do this?

still my favorite picture on tumblr

This man is a fucking hero

I’m sorry I don’t understand how those tight ass shorts are more attractive than cargo shorts? lol okay.

they just mad that they have to now hold water bottles instead of in their cargo pockets

Cargo shorts are a good thing .

Cargo shorts are a way of life. 

People complain about the size of women’s pockets on their pants and hate on cargo shorts.

Can’t please the Greeks nor the Trojans.

How can people hate pockets. I don’t get it.

There’s no good reason for hating cargo shorts to the degree people do. Frankly, very very few people actually care enough to hate it actively- for the rest it’s a fad of opinion that people latch onto to appear because they saw other people doing it, with no real good reason for themselves as to why they don’t like cargo shorts.

An opinion, I’m assuming by looking at OP, that started with some average upper class snob who dresses in boat shoes, chubbies, and brightly colored polos everywhere they go, as if every destination is a wine mixer at someone’s country club where no ones balls have dropped yet.

You’ll have to excuse some of us if we prefer functionality over flashing our upper thighs and lower scrotum at people everytime we do something that requires a greater degree of leg movement than a brisk walk.

“Over the last year, thanks in large part to illegal leaks, we’ve learned that we’re living in a [REDACTED] republic. In the president’s version of ‘transparency,’ the Americans have no right to debate even the most basic public questions — like the legal standards for spying on or killing American citizens — unless, of course, that information leaks, at which point the administration ‘welcomes’ the debate.”



#MyNYPD (Part I)


Where would we be without the waroncops(TM) tumblr throwing it’s URL onto a post to promote itself on something it had no hand in doing.

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I feel like if someone threw a dart at my hand this morning, I’d just stand there and look at it blankly as well.

"He’s— he’s dead inside…" 

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