I’m not compelled to have a kid yet, but if I do I hope I get really lucky and have one of those cool, really curious and inquisitive kids that ask all sorts of questions about shit cause I can answer anything the fucker has for me

I’ve gotten four anons in the last day asking me weird shit about circumcision.

The last time I had talked about circumcision with someone, they spent most of their time furious at me because I said “I don’t feel like I’m mutilated” when they told me I was mutilated and should feel terrible about what happened to me, and I really don’t listen to other people telling me how to feel about my body.

So I think I’m gonna pass on that whole topic forever.

the ends justify the memes


Peshmerga throwing away the ISIS Flag and replacing it by the Kurdish Flag

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This dude is trying to make a career out of going around and getting mad at things that were never actually said.




Hot off of the heels of Eric Holder telling people it’d basically be better for the Federal Government to have more control over state and local police departments to “prevent another Ferguson”- Adam Winkler, a reporter at the Huffington post, who’s also a UCLA law professor, wrote a piece for Huffpo blaming police militarization and brutality on the fact that there are too many gun owners in the US.

With So Many Guns in America, Police Are Trained to Live in Fear.

"The problems of racial harassment and police militarization are exacerbated by the fact that America has a heavily-armed civilian population."

If you were wondering how Ferguson could possibly be used by the American left as a soapbox for gun control and further support of the police state, here it is.

"Well if we just give up our guns, the police won’t feel the need to drive APCs down your street, throw flash bangs at infants, and react so harshly to protestors."

I cannot even begin to discuss the detachment from reality and shameless boot licking Huffpo is supporting by publishing this washed-up fascist-apologist fuck’s writing.

On top of the fact that the majority of police officers favor civilian gun ownership by a wide margin, the American left’s constant erasing of the identities of minority gun owners and painting gun ownership as some sort of white blight on the nation is fucking disgusting.

With U.S. crime at record lows how is this argument justifiable? For some people no matter what the state does it can always be blamed on civilians having too much freedom, these people have contorted their thought process to the only good weapon is one wielded by a state sanctioned authority.

The only defensible gun control is anything that takes firearms away from the state, and I’m not talking about the fast and furious either.

shoust out to the tumblr anarchists who couldn’t discern a contrived plot if it was announced 1 week ahead of time

i mean you guys post material all the time about how they plan this shit, how this is what they want

then they do it and you’re all like ‘WOW HOW ARE THEY SO DUMB OMG….’


Shout out to governmentname for being the absolute simplest person I have ever had the displeasure of having comment on things I’ve written on the internet.

Nobody said they were “dumb”. If you’ll go back and actually focus your little eyes on the posts above, and focus your brain, you’ll see the phrases “detached from reality, shameless boot licking, washed-up fascist-apologist fuck” being used as the descriptors for this dude and the people who think like him, and a question as to how this sort of thinking is justifiable given what’s been going on.

We’re trying to point out to people that this shit is disgusting and it’s being propagated by people who’s words are presumed to carry some sort of weight, for whatever reason. We’re all aware they’re trying to do what they said they would do, we’re not sitting here going “lol so dumb” and starting arguments with people about things they never said.

Take your whiney ass back to bed and stop trying to start pointless, miserable arguments that don’t further any sort of constructive purpose in regards to the issue at hand.